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"Krissie is the Picasso of wedding cakes, every cake she crafts is a work of art... but what is even better is that her cakes taste fabulous!"

— Colleen

“You make by far the best cake either of us have ever eaten. You truly have a gift! We were receiving rave reviews for days after!”

— Jeff & Beth

"Krissie will make your experience seamless and you will enjoy the compliments of the best wedding cake ever for years to come. The Last Bite is a rare find!"

— Alice

“Most wedding cake isn't usually the talk of the night, but this one will be one to remember! It had a lot to do with Krissie's style and quality ingredients”

— Amy




"Wow! Thank you so much for you and your very yummy goodies you shared with us yesterday! You blew us away! We are a very tough team to please, very critical bunch due to our very high expectations! We all loved your dessert presentations, flavors, variety and creativeness! I have added you to our preferred list and will highly recommend you to our brides and others in need. I really appreciated your complete package.....timely, prepared, set and ready to go, you are warm and professional and presented yourself and your beautiful pastries very very well.  We really appreciate that as we like to work and recommend others that have the same expectations as we do, you did meet and exceed our expectations! Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to working with you!"



“THANK YOU.....for such an awesome adventure these last few months! Since our first conversation, we knew we found the right lady. Your wonderful sense of humor, outstanding food knowledge and excellent service has made our experience truly amazing! Thank you for being super flexible and true to your best strength.....great food and a great attitude.”



“The cake was spectacular! I loved it! It was so beautiful! We received many compliments on the display. Thank you for the wonderful cake. I think it was the highlight of the evening. It was without a doubt the best cake I've ever had.”

  • JEFF


“Thank you for our absolutely delectable and beautiful wedding cake! The cake was delicious and everyone enjoyed eating it. Thank you for all of your hard work and exquisite design.”​



“Everyone LOVED the cake, it was fabulous!”​



“The cake was very beautiful and delicious.”​



“The cake was beautiful and delicious! It was just what we wanted, and so many people commented on how good it was. My mom said, "I have been to a lot of weddings, but that was the best wedding cake I've ever had. Our day was wonderful. Thank you for doing your part to make it so.”



“Thank you so much!! The cake looked and tasted amazing!! I had so many compliments on it! I could not have been happier! Thank you so much! I will recommend you to everyone!!”



“The cake was beautiful! Thanks for everything!”



“It was perfect!! Everyone raved about your cake... You did an awesome job on the cake (we are still eating it...) Thank you sooooooooo much! It was beautiful and classy... I am so glad I found you... you are heaven sent and the cake was really important to me as you know... you truly are the best! It meant a lot to me... I am so glad to have met you and worked with you and I look forward to working with you again soon!”



“I’m so happy I found you at the wedding show and that I made the trip to your shop last Sunday. Your cakes are amazing!”



“The cake was awesome, it was a big hit with all the guests. Thank you so much.”



“The desserts were fabulous, especially loved the pear tarts... I was completely happy with the choice and think our guests appreciated individual desserts vs. a piece of cake. Thanks so much!”



“Everything Saturday evening was absolutely fabulous! I can't thank you enough for all you did to make it so wonderful. I am getting so many compliments on the food. Many, many thanks ~ you're the best!!!”



“Thanks so much for the beautiful cake! We've received so many compliments on how delicious it was. :)”

  • ALI


“The cake was wonderful and all the guests enjoyed it as well. Thank you so much!”



“Wow, the cake was amazing! We had so many compliments on it. People swore it was the best wedding cake they had ever had. Brian and I thought it tasted even better than the sample you gave us. Thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job. It was just what I had hoped for.”



“I know for cake vendors, they do one hell of a job and rarely get enough praise and thanks for their cakes – so I just wanted to send a little praise your way – the cake for Michelle and Adam’s wedding on Saturday was amazing!”

  • TONY


“I just wanted to let you know that the cake was so beautiful, and it was the best cake I've ever had! It was one of the best highlights of our wedding. Thank you so much!”



“The cake was absolutely adorable and was a big hit! :) It tasted even better than I could remember from our cake tasting appointment, which seems nearly impossible! We freezed part of it for a few months down the road, and it makes my mouth water thinking of it. Thank you for being a part of making our day so special! ”

  • BETH


“Thank you very much for Meg & Craig's wedding cake. It was awesome. Meg and Craig loved it, and many guests commented that it was 'very, very, good', 'awesome', and 'the best wedding cake ever'. The cookies received similar rave reviews. One guy took a cookie and came back within minutes asking if he could have another one, explaining that he intended to share the first one with his wife but ate it all up himself before he got back to his table, and now had to get one for her. ”



“The food was all very good. I so appreciate all your work...I did not even worry about the food. That was such a great gift to me! Thanks again Krissie... you are amazing!!!! ”



“Thank you Krissie - people raved about how great our cakes tasted and they looked beautiful!”



“(The cake) was absolutely gorgeous!”



“Thank you, it was a fabulous day. Your cake was absolutely delicious! So many guests complimented it! I loved it so much, I made sure to take a good portion with me when we went to a hotel afterwards. I will highly recommend you to whoever I hear needs a cake!”



“So the cake was FABULOUS! Everyone loved it :) We especially loved ours. Thank you so much for everything.”



“Everything was absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for everything!”



“I had piece of carrot cake from Krissie's stall in the market last week. For me, carrot cake is in a dead heat with chocolate for my all time, number one favorite. I've eaten a lot of carrot cake. But Krissie's was incredibly light and fluffy and moist and delicious! I just can't wait to go back so I can have another piece. Costco's carrot cake will always be a disappointment now. I expect for whatever flavor, you'd be hard-pressed to beat one of her cakes. Just FYI!”

  • SID


“Thank you for your delicious cake. There were raves all evening, especially from people who said they don't usually eat wedding cake. The bundt cakes were a hit also and again people were surprised at how delicious they were. You have been a joy to work with from the beginning to the finished product. Thank you.” 



“The cake was spectacular! I loved it! It was so beautiful! We received many compliments on the display!”​



“I very much appreciate your excellent pastries, and your accommodation of special orders on top of your regular work. I look forward to working with you again soon.”


“The model cake was beautiful! I was so excited when I saw it. The cakes tasted great too. I received a lot of compliments. Thank you so much!”​

  • KIM


“It was the best wedding cake I've ever was awesome! Thank you so much. You did a fantastic job! My uncle who doesn't eat sweets ate several pieces...Wow!”​



“The cake was absolutely delicious and beautiful, too! Thanks for doing such a great job! We will highly recommend your services to friends (and may use you again if we need a sugar boost sometime!).”



"What else can we say other than: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You make by far the best cake either of us have ever eaten. You truly have a gift! It really capped our event! We were receiving rave reviews for days after! We will definitely use you again."



“I wanted to write and thank you for the gorgeous wedding cake that you made for us. You were always so friendly and made everything so easy for us! We really appreciate you making such a flawless and perfectly delectable cake for our big day! Everyone told us afterwards that they expected "just another run of the mill super sweet wedding cake" but were pleasantly surprised to find it was the most luscious cake any of us have ever eaten. Not only that but it was decorated so beautifully that the outside alone told us how much care and thought you put into making it. Thanks again for everything! Our cake was amazing and perfect!”



“Thanks, Krissie! The cake was SO tasty and moist! We finished it all. I have gotten so many compliments from people, including John, our catering chef. The liquor, the white ganache the chocolate layers were absolutely delicious!”

  • OLGA 


“The cake looked and tasted amazing! I had so many guests complimenting the cake all night. They were all amazed that it tasted so good! Thank you again for a wonderful wedding cake.”​

  • KATY


“The cake was absolutely fabulous! Everybody loved it. It was so beautiful. Thank you so much.”​

  • JUDY


“I'll be passing your name along! You are the BEST!”​

  • JODY


“The cake was beautiful and very delicious! After it was served I grabbed one of my girlfriends and we went and devoured a couple of pieces. Thank you again for doing such a marvelous job on an important aspect of our special day. You’re a pleasure to work with and I’ll recommend you to anyone else I know getting married in the future.”​



“I just wanted to send my gratitude for the cake. Not only did it look beautiful and extravagant, everyone really enjoyed the cake. I had no idea his unit was going to be providing a huge sheet cake, but everyone went for the chocolate decadence cake and nearly the entire sheet cake was left over. Everyone was impressed with the cake as well, and it made me look like a really great wife bringing that awesome cake. I hope we get to do business again. Thank you.”​



“Hello. Thank you very much. The cake was a huge success. You made me look good. (My wife) was proud I took care of that piece for the wedding so thank you to you.”​



“I wanted you to know that our cakes were the hit of the day. There wasn’t a scrap left and all flavors were truly delicious. I have been at some many weddings where the cake gets left behind and it was wonderful to watch it all being consumed. The display was just as we wanted. Very elegant and simple and the cake was truly European! We plan to be in touch with you again for family events as the whole family loved the cakes!”​



“Krissie- you went above and beyond! The cake was fabulous....everybody loved it!!!! I can't believe how beautiful it turned out and how wonderful it tasted! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”​



“The cake was gorgeous. It was better than what I had imagined.”​

  • TINA


“Thank you so much for all that you did! The cake was a hit, both in presentation and taste! Many compliments came our way... Thank you again!”​

  • KARA


“Thank you for the amazing cake! The cake model was gorgeous. I loved it the moment I saw it. Everyone thought it was a real cake. The chocolate raspberry cake was so delicious that I stole another slice for myself. We'll definitely work with you again.”​

  • KIM & BEN


“Thank you for the delicious wedding cake! It was absolutely beautiful. If you ever need a recommedation or a referral, we'd be happy to recommend you. We really are looking forward to our one year anniversary cake. Thank you again for everything!”


“Oh Krissie.....the cake was beautiful and was perfect! Thank you for everything and doing such an amazing job! Thanks for everything and as long as you bake we will recommend you to everyone looking for a cake for their wedding!”​



“Everyone loved your cake and said that is was the most delicious cake they had ever eaten at a wedding! Thank you for helping to make our daughter’s wedding so special. I will be sure and pass your name along to everyone that asks.”​

  • ANNE


“The wedding went very well. The cake was great! We got so many great reviews from our guests about your cake. Yoriko told me that one of our guests told her she ate their kids left overs too. As for me, the all familiar taste that I enjoyed at the wedding show and at your house really calmed my nerves. Thank you so much!”​

  • MARK


“I just wanted to tell you thanks for creating such an amazing cake for our wedding! We had TONS of compliments on it. A friend of mine wants to copy the design of it and I had other friends tell me it was the best wedding cake they’d ever had!! It was beautiful!”​



“Thanks, Krissie. You've been such a pleasure to work with and we are salivating over thoughts of your cake.”



“Just want to say thank you for the delicious cake, everyone enjoyed it just like 4 years ago at our wedding.”​



“Wanted to let you know that everyone commented that was the best wedding cake they’ve ever had. It was delicious – as we knew it would be. All in all, I was very pleased.”​



“As usual, you did an exceptional job for our BPIC Casino night. The food was yum delish, and the service provided by you and your staff was awesome. Thanks again! ”​



“Thanks for such a wonderful cake! It was a huge hit and undoubtedly the tastiest item we served. You received many compliments from our guests to which we add our own. We wouldn't hesitate to order another and will recommend you to anyone we can think of.”​

  • JEFF


“The cake looked great, and it tasted amazing!! We had many guests comment on how great the cake was. Noah and I loved it! Thank you for creating such a great cake! It was a wonderful day, we are still giddy from it. Thank you again! You were a pleasure to work with, we have and will continue to recommend you to others.”​


“The cake was delicious. Thank you very much for taking such good care of me. I gave your name to a guest last night who thought the cake was great too.”


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